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Grants and Collaborations

At present most of our grants are from BEACON and WISE Network projects.

Our collaborations include:

  • Dr Godfred Darko, Kwame Nkruma University of Science and Technology, Ghana on natural products and analytical chemistry
  • Prof Jörg Feldmann, University of Aberdeen, TESLA group on the analysis of Rare Earth Elements (REEs) in geological samples
  • Dr Rainer Ebel, University of Aberdeen, UK on determination of accurate mass of natural products
  • Dr Dianne Irwin, Syngenta, UK for anti-fungal, herbicidal and insecticidal screening of pure compounds
  • Prof Mark Berry, Unilever for anti-diabetic screening of pure compounds
  • Prof Martin Michaelis, University of Kent, UK for anti-cancer screening of pure compounds
  • Prof Steve Kelly, Swansea University, UK for the development of an analytical method to quantify unusual fatty acids in biological media
  • Prof Dianne Kelly, Swansea University, UK for the structural confirmation of dityrosine
  • Prof Luis Mur and Dr Ifat Parveen, Aberystwyth University, UK on natural products chemistry

We are also working with Syngenta for biological activity screening of isolated compounds since January 2013.

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