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Victor Oghogho Ebuele

Scientific Background

In 2009 I obtained a B.Sc. with honours in Biochemistry from the University of Lagos in Nigeria. I also obtianed my M.Sc. degree in Environmental Chemistry from Bangor University, Wales in 2012. The focus of my M.Sc. dissertation was to explore the speciation of phosphorus in different environmental matrices. I also studied the effects of organic matter (compost) and oil pollution on plant available phosphorus and explored the electrochemical performance of the phosphate-sensitive cobalt electrode in detecting ortho-posphate ions in ammonium lactate-acetic acid extracts of soil. It was done in collaboration with the electrochemistry group at Bangor University under the supervison of Dr Chris Gwenin. My current research focuses on phosphorus speciation, with an emphasis on the chemical and molecular characterisation of organic phosphorus in environmental and agricultural samples. This would involve the combination of both conventional extraction techniques and spectroscopic techniques such as 31P NMR and ICP-OES. My woork seeks to improve knowledge of the dynamic nature of phosphorus in the environment.

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