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  • Ifan Richard MSc (2010)' Chemical characteristics of vegetable oil samples of different ages'
  • Owain Atkins MSc (2010)'Analysis of supplementary feed for horses'
  • Assad Elmahjoubi MSc (2009)'Analysis of Sea-Buckthorn (Hyppophae rhamnoides) Derived Products and the Effect of Processing onto Specific Metabolite Groups'
  • Hosea Mukunda Litiku MSc Distinction (2008) ' Development and Application of Plant Screening Methodologies for Biochemically Related Compounds'. Hosea has first moved onto a being a KTP associate with Phytovation and is now Quality Control manager at a large hospital in Exeter.
  • David Whiting MSc Distinction (2008) 'Bracken Phytochemistry: How Toxic is the World's Most Common Fern?'
  • Suad Ghlayee MSc (2007)  'Development of a Multi-Element Method to Determine the Molar Ratios of Essential Nutrients in Different Matrices'
  • Nicola O’Gorman MSc (2000) 'An Investigation into the Variation of Plant-Derived Phenolics in Sampling Sites Across North Wales'
  • Ian Washbourne MSc Distinction (1999) 'Seasonal Variation of Plant-Derived Phenolics'. The last we heard, Ian was working as a technician at the Woods Hole centre in Massachusetts
  • Mark Brunero MSc (1999) ' Investigation into the pre-concentration and Analysis Techniques for Monomeric Phenolics In Water'
  • Philip Courty MSc Distinction (1998) ' Phenols: An Assessment of a Method for the Determination of Monomeric Phenolic Compounds, and their Separation using Chromatography'

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